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The etymology from translation comes from the English word "translation" which derives from the Latin word translation, which comes from trans, "across" + ferre, "to carry" or "to bring" (-latio in turn coming from latus, the past participle of ferre). Thus, translation is "a carrying across" or "a bringing across": in this case, of a text from one language to another.



•  Experience: By partnering with a professional translation agency you benefit from access to a wealth of experience from language professionals who’ve worked with companies like yours on similar projects, and who speak the language your customers use every day.

•  Tools: Betaplan Translation will have access to a range of tools for managing translation projects. The tools required to do this are often complicated and expensive, requiring significant investment if you want to do this yourself. In addition, translation tools and translation memories require constant management and revision to make sure they work efficiently.

•  Efficiency: Partnering with a professional translation agency to help manage your translation projects is much more efficient and less risky in the long-term than trying to set up the tools, resources, and workflows yourself.

To ensure translations are of high quality, we only employ professional translators who are native speakers of the target language. We select our translators according to their language skills, educational background, subject knowledge, and experience.


Professional translators not only have to speak both the source and target language fluently, but they also have to understand the terminology of the subject being dealt with. All of our translators have a passion for languages and a thorough understanding of the source and target culture. Furthermore, they each have at least five years of experience as a translator and are recognized experts in their subject areas.


Our translators also have true editorial skills: They can naturally phrase their translations in a way that will enable them to be easily understood by the target audience. After all, the translation should sound like it has been drafted in the target language and not as a word-for-word translation.


All our translations are carried out according to the four-eye-principle, i.e. each translation is proofread and revised by a second translator who is also a native speaker of the target language. Our in-house team additionally carries out a review and layout check.


Our professional translator reads and understands both the source and target languages of a translation. But more importantly, a proficient translator communicates cultural concepts, not just written words. A translator converts both the words and the meaning of a message, using accurate grammar and syntax, into whatever target language(s) you require.


What makes Betaplan Translations the best language service provider? Well, that would be our human component. Our experts are not only native speakers of your target language, but they are proficient in the terminology specific to your situation.

Betaplan Translation can meet all your translation needs quickly and affordably. From small, single-document translations to large, multipage projects involving several languages, Betaplan Translation will commission experienced professionals who will deliver a premium product.


We offer multilingual translation services in many languages such as English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch and others, and we’re committed to giving you extremely superior service in many branches like Automotive, Commercial, Legal, Websites, IT, Engineering, Technical and others.

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