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Our expertise in the it - information technology Field

Computer science is one of the areas where the constant and fast update becomes necessary day after day, as well as the use of the most advanced tools.


Our linguists have proven experience translating over 4 million words in a broad variety of subjects, regarding Information Technology. This ensures you the best quality, priority and confidentiality of your documents using Native Expert Translators and Reviewers in the IT field.

The importance of Information Technology Translations

The IT, software, electronics, and telecommunications industries are dominated by constant change; every day, new apps, online games, and computer programs are developed. That’s why you need to work with translators who have the necessary expertise to understand the content of any source text and skillfully localize it for the respective target language. Another particular quirk of this field is that these texts are usually intended only to convey information, and are therefore written in a factual, objective manner. Our translators in the field of technology are specialized in information technology. We understand that meeting the international demands for your products on every type of device in multiple languages is paramount to your growth and success.


Translations for information technology and telecommunications, like all other technical translations, require appropriate vocabulary and terminology used to produce the necessary quality of a project. As a standard step in the process, we work with specially developed glossaries, and we review every translation to guarantee the accuracy of terminology, clarity, and consistency.

Betaplan Translation is a company proud of its attention to detail, and absolute accuracy, in the translation of any type of document, and especially in a field such as IT where precision is of vital importance.
When Betaplan undertakes the translation of an IT document, the project manager in charge will ensure that your document will be translated by a translator who has either specific experience working in the field of IT or has undergone extensive training in IT translation. Here are some Information Technology projects developed.



Names of translation agencies, end users and product details omitted to preserve the confidentiality of information.

• Administration & Installation Guide
• Checklist Report - Trusted Information for Analytics
• Directives Anti-phishing for Group
• Directives from Group - Information Security Policy
• Directives to Install and Configure Safety Account
• Directives Group
• Search Keywords
• Software Description Manual
• Software Manual - System
• Strings
• User Guide Software Interface (Automotive)
• User Installation Manual
• User Software Interface
• Windows Azure Manual
• Windows Azure Resources
• & Autonomy Software Description
• Conversion Utility
• Corporate policy responsibility and use of equipment
• Savings Calculator
• Software
• Hardware Solutions - Satellite modems
• Device Manager - Administration Guide



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