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One of the specific translation requirements in the gaming industry is knowledge of and familiarity with the specific terminology and environment.

When a game is ready and all languages are implemented, sometimes it might have problems that are not necessarily language-related, such as sentences too long for the space given, untranslated words, etc.


In those cases, it might be recommendable performing a QA to identify, report, and correct any mistakes in the game. With our Game Quality Assurance Services, our linguists do this by means of a QA Report, in which they identify and correct all problems they find in the game (linguistic or otherwise).

Betaplan Translations treats very seriously Casino & Games field, proudly having more than 3 million words translated, always taking care of terminology and field peculiarities, that's why we ensure the best quality, priority and confidentiality of your documents using our most selected natives expert linguists and proofreaders in the branch.

With ever-increasing levels of globalization and video game industry boom, the necessities for professional game translation services reach an all-time high. According to research, more than 70% of global internet users are non-English native speakers. At Betaplan we understand the importance of worldwide business reach and global transparency and are in the exclusive position to provide game translation services of any kind.

Betaplan Translation offers you a strategic advantage. All translators chosen to work on your computer & video game translation projects have gaming experience. In addition, they have also lived and worked in the region whose language they’ll be translating into.

This guarantees that every aspect of your game – from packaging to software to character voices – will be in sync with the cultures receiving your games. You’ll have the full ability to maintain the attention and interest of your players, giving them a genuine gaming experience, through expert, localized translations.
What’s more, game translation & localization also opens doors to advertise, sell and promote your games to new markets worldwide.

About games translation we usually work with:
Video game translation for consoles: Xbox, Wii, PlayStation, etc.
Video game translation for mobile: Android, Windows, iOS, etc.
Online video game translation: MMO, MMORPG, RPG, etc.
Video game translation for gamification and e-learning
Serious games and advergames translation
PC video game translation

On the other hand, on Casino branch, everyone knows international tourism is booming and casinos have never been more popular. That means more international players flying to real casinos. Often, their first language isn’t English. If your casino doesn’t translate your games, website and marketing material, you could be missing out on revenue.

If you need to prepare your game for any particular market, we are in an exclusive position to provide professional game translations services at unbeatable rates. We understand the importance of having only the native speaker translators handling the gaming translation material. Your game will transform and appeal to the local market.

Here are some of our Casino & Games Projects Developed:

Names of translation agencies, end users and product details omitted to preserve the confidentiality of information.

• Casino - All Slots Casino

• Casino - Gambling Website

• Casino in the USA Promo Material

• Responsibility Guidelines

• Online Game Store

• Game - Translation of Facebook games

• Game Marketing Campaign

• Online Game Training Transcription




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