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Betaplan has an integrated software management tool that connects our linguists to your jobs, managing deadlines, communications and easily keeping jobs on track.

Our employees spend the vast majority of their day working to accomplish the goals, at Betaplan Translation we recognize that it takes hard work and dedication to achieve those goals because the foundation of our company is characterized by values. We're looking for people who share, understand, and apply our values in all their professional endeavors.

We specialize in creating high-quality translations into many languages for the most demanding customers, including internationally renowned developers of operating systems, search engines, software products, and online systems.

Betaplan' System Linguistic translation

Having worked on the translation of millions of words into dozens of languages and thousands of hours of course ware and software projects, Betaplan understands where things may go wrong and how to prevent it. Our quality assurance checks spread through every stage of every project; from scoping and quotation to production, review and beyond. Our experience shows that if these steps are followed, we are able to maintain the high standards of quality and consistency that our clients expect.

We are a medium-sized company that is small enough to be agile and adaptable, yet big enough to handle projects of any size. While others try to automate everything and make localization a numbers game, we create customized solutions for each client to meet their needs and budgets. Betaplan is employee-owned, and everyone has a stake in our clients’ success.


Clients who used our services became our regular clients and recommended us to others. We've acquired many new customers when employees of our current clients move to another company and recommend us to their new management. Thus, meeting customers' expectations has become our main sales strategy.



- Betaplan can better control and ensure safe deadlines of your jobs as our Project Managers are promptly notified of the workflow and status of the entire project;

- Work orders are entered on behalf of our customers into the Betaplan system, a platform that will automatically generate notifications of actions and messages, completed phases, and potential conflicts, enabling the necessary action to prevent and correct eventual delays;

- Improves communication of multiple linguists located in the same project ensuring desired consistency management.


Betaplan Translation

1. Job(s) posted

A work order is created and broken down into jobs based on the target languages needed.

Betaplan Translation

3. Tasks assigned

The tasks can be assigned to linguists either manually or automatically. In the second case, translators are notified in batches until someone accepts the task.

Betaplan Translation

5. Editors

Editors can easily be assigned to review already translated files.

Betaplan Translation

2. Purchase Order generated

A purchase order for the service provider is generated, associated with each task, including volume, unit, rate and payment terms.

Betaplan Translation

4. Translations delivered

The files are translated and uploaded by the linguists in charge of the corresponding tasks.

Betaplan Translation

6. Feedback

Feedback for each linguist can then be left and is visible to all of our project managers.

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