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Betaplan Translation was founded by Alberto Cury in 2009, aiming to meet the demand for translations of technical articles, manuals, engineering, and marketing publications.

The growing demand for our services has led us into other industrial fields, such as IT, machinery, commerce, mechanics, HR, personal and financial areas, among others. Therefore, we are confident in providing you with top-quality services in most fields of knowledge.

We work with highly experienced translators of multiple nationalities to provide the specific knowledge and expertise demanded in each translation project. Our innovative platform combines a convenient online ordering system and a project management software so you can receive excellent quality!

Our team is committed to providing the best customer service possible and delivering high-quality translations that meet your expectations. We know that time is often an issue for our clients. That’s why we work hard to turn around projects as quickly as possible and carry out translations even during non-working hours or over the weekend if requested.
Our greatest asset is our people, consisting of a team of project and account managers who handle the planning, coordination, management, and monitoring of the projects being carried out daily as well as a pool of external language experts. Our experienced project managers are responsible for following up on the procedures, the budget, quality, deadlines and especially communication with the customers.
At Betaplan we help you communicate clearly and effectively in numerous languages thanks to a unique pool of experienced language specialists.
For our professional translation services, we provide experts who understand not only your language and culture but also your industry. People in the fields of law, government, business, industry, medicine, technology, and entertainment, as well as individual clients, benefit from our personalized, professional foreign language translation services.
Our process is straightforward, so you can get your project finished quickly with a streamlined system where you upload your requests directly to our team. Once received, your dedicated manager will find the perfect translation team with specialized skills in your industry. This means that you will receive translated content that is perfect for your audience!

Betaplan Translation


We are committed to translating all your documents in a clear and precise manner, preserving their privacy and meanings accurately. We make sure we are providing a personalized service, carefully controlling the quality and meeting deadlines from the initial conception to the final delivery.


We believe in overcoming the boundaries of achievement and establishing ever-increasing standards. Translation is a passion for us and we strive to provide you the most comprehensive range of high-quality and professional translation services.


Support companies, agencies and end users, punctually providing high-quality translation services, ensuring the best communication to meet customer's business satisfaction and success.


An Engineer, postgraduate in System Analysis and Marketing specialization with +30 years of experience developed in Sales, Application Engineering, Technical Services & Marketing, working for companies such as Emerson, Otis, Honeywell, Invensys, and Allen Bradley.

Specialist in Marketing, Sales, Refrigeration and HVAC, Industrial and Building Automation. 
Proz Certified Translator
Proz Certified Translator
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