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Technical translation is a type of specialized translation that involves translating documents produced by technical writers, such as owner's manuals and user guides, or texts that relate to technological subject areas or the practical application of scientific and technological information. While specialized terminology is a hallmark of technical texts, it is not the only defining factor, as non-technical disciplines and subjects can also have specialized terminology. Technical translation covers a wide range of specialized texts, from medical and engineering documents to software documentation and marketing materials. It requires a high level of subject knowledge, mastery of the relevant terminology, and understanding of technical writing conventions.

Technical Translation

Technical manuals, engineering specifications, and other documents related to agriculture, construction, mining, tooling machinery, HVAC, energy, telecom, and manufacturing are among our specialties.

Betaplan has translated over 10 million words on a wide range of subjects, including technical topics, ensuring the highest quality, priority, and confidentiality for your documents. We use native speakers and expert linguists and proofreaders.

Here are some of our technical projects:

Names of translation agencies, end users and product details omitted to preserve the confidentiality of information.

• Accessories Manual - Medical Hearing Devices

• Air Compressor Service Manual

• Air Conditioner Installation Instructions

• Aircraft Maintenance Manual

• Automotive Diagnostic Manual

• CAD Drawing Translation

• Control System Manual

• Coupling Instruction Manual

• Electrical Schematic Translation

• Engineering Specification Translation

• Heavy Equipment Operator's Manual

• Hydraulic System Manual

• Industrial Robot Programming Manual

• Installation and Operation Manual - Air Compressor

• Installation and Operation Manual - Oil Separator

• Installation and Operation Manual - Rotary Sample Divider

• Installation and Operation Manual - Variable Speed Pump

• Installation and Operation Manual & Screens

• Installation and Operation Manual (Mfg.)

• Installation and Operation Manual (Valves)

• Installation and Operations Manual - Preheater multi-dividing gate

• Installation and User’s Guide - Smart Thermostat

• Installation and User’s Guide - Wireless Router

• Installation and User's Guide - Heater

• Installation and User's Guide - Salt Chlorinator

• Installation Guide

• Installation Instructions for Wine Cooler and Beverage Center

• Installation Manual (Angular Position Transmitter)

• Instructions for Use - Medical Accessories

• Instructions for Use - Medical Imaging Device

• Instructions Manual - Drone Camera

• Instructions Manual - Electric Vehicle Charger

• Instructions Manual - Gearbox

• Instructions Manual - VNG System

• Instructions Manual Combined Freezer % Refrigerator

• Instructions Manual Combined Refrigerator

• Instructions Manual Freezers with Ice Maker

• Instructions Manual No Frost Combined Refrigerator-Freezers

• Laser Cutting System Manual

• Machine Tool Manual

• Medical Device User Manual

• Mounting & Operation Manual - Screw conveyors

• Oil and Gas Drilling Manual

• Operating & Maintenance Instructions - Water Injection in Downcomer

• Operating Instructions - Pyro-Processing System with Low NOx Calciner

• Operation & Maintenance Manual - Bridge Scraper and Lubrication System

• Operation & Maintenance Manual - Marine Electro chlorination System

• Operation & Maintenance Manual - Wood Processing - Pulp & Paper

• Operation and Maintenance Manual - Hydraulic Press

• Operation and Maintenance Manual - Wind Turbine

• Operation Manual - Electrostatic Precipitator

• Operation Manual - Robotic Arm

• Operations Manual: Steam Generator System - Dual Fuel

• Operations Manuals: Ultramicrotome & Knife Makers

• Operator & Maintenance Manual

• Operator & Maintenance Manual - Blow molding System

• Operator's Manual - Manaus Chiller Plant

• Owner's Manual - Fire Suppression System

• PCB Design File Translation

• Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Manual

• Power Plant Operations Manual

• Process Control System Manual

• Pulverizing Mill

• Quality Assurance Manual

• Renewable Energy System Manual

• Robotics Manual

• Siemens Symantec Safety Manuals - English to Germany

• Software User Manual

• Steam Turbine Manual - DRESSER-RAND

• Technical Manuals

• Telecommunications Manual

• Test Equipment Manual

• Thermology Manual & HVAC Sales

• Turbine Maintenance Manual

• User Manual - Solar Panel System

• Water Treatment Manual

• Welding Manual



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