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Professional Commercial translation is a highly specialized field that requires precision, and consistency as well as a thorough understanding of the law.


Commercial activity is an economic activity, classified as a tertiary sector, which has as its objective the purchase and sale of goods and merchandise, so the use of contracts is essential, so Betaplan Translation makes a point of selecting the best candidates who have an extensive knowledge of the law to assist with contracts and also understand the importance of the business in a time as financially active as the present.

Betaplan has proven experience translating over 3 million words in a broad variety of subjects regarding Contracts and Commercial Agreements, ensuring the best quality, priority, and confidentiality of your documents using Native Expert Translators and Proofreaders in the field.

Translating commercial documents is much more than merely transposing a word from one language into another; at every stage of the process, your objective must be kept firmly in mind, making your message as clear and as attractive as possible for your clients.

Commercial Translation tasks need the utmost care and interest, contrary to the other types of translation tasks. They are prepared and accomplished by translators who are qualified, and capable of doing commercial translations.

Betaplan is required to translate your commercial contracts with full respect for the confidentiality of the information contained therein. We protect the confidentiality of the data transmitted to us, and we keep them out of reach of unauthorized third parties.

Betaplan always aims to meet the client’s needs, trusting in our expertise in the Commercial / Contracts field, and swiftly delivering a quality result. Our standardized processes allow for a close focus on studying the terminology to be adapted for each specific sector.

Our professional translators work very hard to match your company’s style. To go about this, they draw inspiration from existing documents and follow any instructions that they have received from you right down to the letter.
This close partnership produces the intended effect.


Here are some Commercial / Contracts projects developed.

Names of translation agencies, end users and product details omitted to preserve the confidentiality of information.

• Agreement - Telecommunications

• Arbitration clause and dispute resolution mechanism

• Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Profit & Loss

• Business contracts

• Business plan and feasibility study

• Client Assessment Agreement

• Cloud Services Agreement

• Competition Team Analysis

• Compliance documents

• Confidentiality and data protection agreement

• Contract for the supply of goods and services

• Contract to provide services

• Employment contracts

• Exclusive contract autonomous representation

• Force majeure and termination provisions

• Intellectual property contracts

• Leadership Styles and Organizational Climate Simulation

• License agreement for intellectual property rights

• Manufacturing instructions

• Non-Disclosure Contract Agreement

• Partnership agreement and joint venture contract

• Patent specifications

• Price List and Commercial Terms

• Private agreement for technology transfer

• Private Instrument of Confession of Debt

• Private Instrument Purchase Option Shares

• Product specifications

• Proposal for Logistic

• Proposal for Print Services

• Quality control documentation

• Real estate contracts

• Request for Proposal - Invitation Letter

• Request for quotation and bid evaluation

• Rights and obligations of dealership contract

• Risk Investment Analysis & Guidelines for Investors

• Standards & Guidelines for Financial Audit

• Sworn Version

• Term Amendment

• Terms and conditions of sale and delivery

• Trade secret documentation

• Warranty and liability clauses



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