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Our expertise in marketing field

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Understand the customer needs is a must for any successful company and finding a way to share your message with the world starts with finding the right language experts, we trust in our expertise in the marketing field to do it!

Betaplan has proven experience translating over 4 million words in Marketing,  ensuring the best confidentiality, priority and quality of your documents using Marketing Expert Native Linguists ready to do the best job to send your message to the selected language.

Translating marketing materials is extremely complex. Even though it is very different whether You translate a text about cultural heritage or nanotechnology and even though we use specialist translators for every subject area, it is not enough to be a good linguist or a good field specialist to be able to translate marketing materials. It very often requires a touch of creativity in addition to other things.

Marketing translation service where you have to have certain background knowledge of the target market: The local mindset, the traditions, and habits, possible consumer behavior, the thin line between good and bad taste and much more while adapting the original text into certain new cultural context. This is why native-speaker translators are usually the best choice to perform marketing translations.


Here are some of our Marketing Projects Developed:

Names of translation agencies, end users and product details omitted to preserve the confidentiality of information.

• Announcements
• Appliance Market Study
• Baking Industry Interview
• Bio-science Study Flyer
• Brochure
• Building Marketing Report
• Business Briefing
• Calendar 2015
• Case Studies - Blow molding Apps
• Choosing the right coder for Personal Care Products
• Client Value Survey
• Confectionery Brazilian Market Survey
• Customer Care Training Presentation
• Customer Research Questionnaire
• Environmental Management in Operation of Stadiums
• Evaluation Exchange between Brazil and Australia
• Global Maintenance Services
• Global Purchase Newsletter
• HR Survey
• Insights & Marketing Development
• Launching Mail Campaign
• Maintenance Solution for Sensitive Products
• Newsletter Company
• Press Releases
• Printer Technologies Questionnaire
• Process Offers
• Product Catalog
• Product Manuals
• Product Offer Disclosure
• Product Presentation - Meat Trimmers
• Project Evaluation BipBop Brazil
• Project Management of the Carbon in the Value Chain
• Project Market Research Questionnaire
• Research Questionnaire - In-Flight Duty-Free
• Research - Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
• Subtitling for Instructional Videos
• Telecommunication Products News
• The New Generation Parts Catalog - User Guide
• The New Parts Support Software for Dealers
• Three Product Cut sheets
• White Paper GPS & Radio Specs
• WP Facts About Satellite AIS That You Should Know
• WP Facts Straight About Satellite AIS and the SDPOB Advantage
• WP Satellite-Cellular Communication Terminals
• WP Vehicle Tracking & Driver Monitoring
• Beer Brochure
• brochure - Certified Energy Efficient Data-center Award
• Company News
• Group Announcements
• Inline Market News
• Press Releases
• Press Releases - Blow molding Packing Machines
• Press Releases - Consumers key to beer in PET bottles
• Press Releases - Line Conversions for Beverage Packing Industry
• Products Portfolio
• Reference Flyers
• Safety Performance Update
• Saving Calculator
• Timeline
• Announcements - Free App



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